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“These two people have found a unique way of bringing real life strategies for establishing a healthy and dynamic mindset into your home. They tell you not only what to do, but “why” you do it, and they do it in a way that is not preachy, not dogmatic, not condescending, but loving, and kind, and intellectually provocative. They make you think about your life and how it can be better, and they give you so many really powerful skills that help you navigate the world you live in every day… My life has been personally changed by them, yours will be as well”

Scott Livingston
Montreal, Canada

“You make it feel like you are speaking out every solution to any “issue” or “obstacle” I have faced and am still facing. When you look into the camera, your gazes reach through and connect, and your positive energies vibrate through the screen so much so that it can be felt like a wave of warmth from a loved one. It changes lives. It enhances love. It intensifies clarity. But most of all, it makes you feel like family and that you are not alone”

Lisa Arsineau-von Moltyn
West Island, Quebec

“… You always know what we want to hear and deliver it in a way that lets us know you know us, you know our fears, our wants, what holds us back. You assure us that you are with us every step of the journey. You listen, but most importantly you hear our concerns. You relate. There is just no better place to be!”

Lynette Macias
Berea, Ohio

“It’s a place to get your morning started with a smile and generated warmth by two people who truly want to help change any aspect of your life (even when you don’t realize that change is needed)… On a side note I watch while at work. Employees can hear the show and some pop in to see what I’m watching. It then becomes a conversation piece of their day!”

Lisa Carabel Drapluk
Palm Beach, Florida

“… It starts my day off on the right foot. Always filled with positivity, laughs and great advice. I watch it because it makes me a better person that day… “

Angie Olson
Kamloops, British Columbia

“… There is so much other BS being slung in the media and social platforms that is influencing people poorly and undermining their thoughts of what is possible. This show truly is something that can redefine what social media platforms can ACHIEVE and put out the exact opposite of the current status quo. Brian and Carrie ACTUALLY help people achieve what is authentic and rewarding and so it is necessary to have this in our lives!”

Jaime Soc
Kingston, Ontario

“You always say what I need to hear in order to face the challenges I am dealing with, you give me hope that anything is possible. When I feel like giving up your words keep me fighting!! Each time I watch you or read your words I am truly inspired!! You are real, honest and true!!”

Penny Thompson Lane
Montreal, Canada

“Brian & Carrie in the Morning is the ONLY place you will connect with two true and genuine people, willing to share so much of themselves. They are so inspired to help others, you will feel them jump into that deep, dark pit you feel so lost in, take your hand, and walk with you, until you see the light of day again…”

Tiffany Maxim
Stamford, Connecticut

“There is nothing else out there like you two!!! You guys are my drug. You are transparent and real. You offer hope to the hopeless, offer compassion and love to the lost. you share your gifts of time and talent and you have opened your home and your hearts. You deliver the answers to our issues we all face with gentleness and kindness. There is no fluff and you call out the bullshit. I’m a changed person because of you two! The lenses I put on everyday are different ones than I use to wear. My perspective has changed because my mindset has changed.
Much love and gratitude for you guys and your show! Looking forward to many more years to come!”

Lisa Ottaviano-Gardner
Santa Monica, California

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