You Belong Here


We want to help you STOP comparing everyone else’s “Highlight Reel” to your “Editing Room Floor”…

We’ve all experienced hardships in life.

Some worse, some not as bad (although that is entirely a matter of perception).

We are not made by the circumstances we’re dealt, but rather the perspective we choose to carry about them.

And in many ways, we opted to be victims of our circumstances for many years.

We complained about the “hard road”.

Moaned about how “tough we had it”.

Quietly criticized those who had it “better than us”.

Wondered if we’d ever “get the break” we needed to finally succeed.

And walked through life in a general “haze of unhappiness”.

The funny thing is, you never would have known that years ago.

We became masters of putting on a front.

On the outside, everything looked spectacular.

But behind closed doors, we felt broken.

Does that resonate with you?

It’s almost like the entire world has become about the image of perfection.

We have clients who are MASSIVELY successful in business, athletics or relationships, but MISERABLE in other parts of their lives.

The parts they’re too embarrassed to show and too afraid to change.

That’s the point.

We all have limits.

You included.

And in order to live the happiest, most successful and most thrilling life you could possibly imagine, it’s about learning to eliminate your limits.

The things that keep you stuck in certain areas of your life.

Maybe your fitness is perfectly on point, but your ability to find true romance is something you just can’t ever seem to make happen.

Maybe your business is growing at an incredible rate while money flows to you like a raging river, but you just can’t seem to ever get yourself set-up properly on a healthy lifestyle.

Maybe you are an elite, even world-class athlete, but the sinking despair of depression seems to be a shadow you just can’t shake.

That’s what our “Brian & Carrie” community is all about.

And why, you VERY MUCH belong here.

We could do what most others in our position do – reveal only the “HIGHLIGHT REEL” stuff.

Show you the side of us that would make you envious enough to buy our information because you can’t help but compare us to your own “EDITING ROOM FLOOR”.

But the “Brian & Carrie” community isn’t about us preaching from the top of a hole…

… It’s about us jumping in with you and showing you the way out.

Consider this your global “CIRCLE OF INFLUENCE”.

Like-minded people who want to eliminate their limits in order to have what they want in life.

It’s been said time-and-time again that your life is a walking reflection of the 5 – 10 people you associate most closely with.

Just imagine how simply you could eliminate the limits that hold you back if YOUR circle of influence was a supportive, inclusive and love-first community that accepted you for who and what you are.

Want to see just how much love and gratitude we have for our “Brian & Carrie” community?

In July of 2015, we actually got married in front of our community during an event we hosted in Greenwich, Connecticut.

It was a COMPLETE surprise to every single person in attendance…

… Including one of us!

No joke.  Check out the video of our wedding ceremony (and see if you can tell which one of us was taken entirely off-guard)

Watch our “Surprise Wedding”

** This video was taken by one of our “Brian & Carrie” community members in the audience.  If you can’t hear the vows perfectly, feel free to click here and read exactly what we pledged to each other –

Have a read of our actual vows >>> HERE

We’d love to have you part of the “Brian & Carrie’” community.

We’d love to have you start eliminating your limits and having what you truly want in life.

And we’d love to introduce you to hundreds of people around the world as part of your very own inclusive circle of influence.

It costs nothing to join.

All we ask is that you come as you are.

With an open heart and hunger to share, support and love.

You know it’s time… So do we

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