Your Career As a Coach

Your Career As a Coach


We’re hiring Coaches.

The “Brian & Carrie” brand has grown too large for us to handle all the demands for small group and private coaching.

And we feel so, so blessed about that.

But now, our attention must turn to recruiting, evaluating and training a new crop of Coaches who are ready to create massive impact in the world.

Our current “Apprentice Program” is running smoothly and producing absolutely stunning results.

35 students from around the world are going through an immense self-discovery journey as well as learning our system and methods along the way.

(The next “Apprentice Program” begins in October and we’re already taking on applicants)

This video gives a strong overview about our “Apprentice Program” and why it is so, so different than other Coaching “certifications”.

Give it a watch (it also contains details about how you can inquire more about becoming part of our “Apprentice Program” in October).

Just click the video box below.

Have a lovely weekend!

Brian & Carrie

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