Yes you can…

Yes you can…


Yes you can…

Yes you can.

You just don’t think you can.

Actually, it’s more like you don’t realize you can.

Because every ‘excuse’ you have related to your circumstances, situation, lack of money, lack of time (etc.) has become a ‘reason’ in your mind.

And holy smokes, can we relate.

10 years ago when we were overweight, we thought our genetics were the ‘reason’ we couldn’t lose weight.

10 years who when we were broke, we thought our lack of passion for marketing was the ‘reason’ we couldn’t make money.

10 years ago when we were stressed, we thought our hectic schedule was the ‘reason’ we couldn’t find time to relax.

It’s a load of horse poop.

All of it.

But those ‘excuses’ become very easily mistaken for ‘reasons’ in the blink an eye.

And when they do…

… You’re stuck.

Stuck in this endless swirl of ‘stories’ that keep you tied to the dock no matter how hard you try swimming into the open waters.

Yes you can.

Realizing that is step #1 to eliminating your limits for good…

Brian & Carrie

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