Would you like a job with our company?

Would you like a job with our company?


Would you like a job with our company?

That’s a serious question.

Because it’s one of the reasons we created the “BCAP” Program.

To bring on new Coaches, Teachers & Ambassadors into our brand.

When creating and growing a business, it is ESSENTIAL that the people you bring on as Team Members understand and LIVE the core values you teach.

So we want you to read this from current BCAP student, Angela Prather.

(But read until the end… You’ll see why) –


When Brian & Carrie announced the first ever BCAP, I knew I had to sign up.

I didn’t know how it was going to happen, I just knew I had to be part.

Of course, my main reason was that I wanted to be hired by them and help expand the brand.

But I knew that even if they didn’t hire me, what I would learn about myself and the resources they would give me to help me in my own coaching sessions with clients would be priceless.

Their program is simple and easy and when done consistently, it brings people from stuck to sustainable.

People really CAN accomplish their goals and live the life they imagine for themselves.

I finished my Masters degree in health and wellness coaching, but felt lost and unsure of how to really help people and to move them forward.

The BCAP program is only 12 weeks and anyone who does this program will walk away with the tools, resources and confidence to teach and help others while becoming the best version of themselves”


Now… Can we finish the story for you?

We hired Angela just last week.

She’s the new Ambassador for our company.

And we are THRILLED to have her.

It would be REALLY irresponsible for us to pretend that EVERY person who ever walks through BCAP WILL get a job with our organization.

Because that’s not the case.

But to be a Coach, Teacher or Ambassador with our brand, BCAP is an absolute ESSENTIAL requirement.

We’d love you to consider whether or not BCAP may be right for you.

(Just reply below and we’ll connect ASAP!).

“Coaching” is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and whether you work with us or on your own, it’s more than worth your time to investigate the opportunities.

Are you a Coach?

Ever dream of being a Coach?

Just reply and tell us you’d like more information.

We’ll connect straight away and give you all the details (WITHOUT any “hard sells” 😉 )

Looking forward to chatting!

B & C

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