Why Valentine’s Day is GARBAGE (most of the time)…

Why Valentine’s Day is GARBAGE (most of the time)...


Why Valentine’s Day is GARBAGE (most of the time)…

February 14, 2016

Today is Valentine’s Day.

So this morning, I tiptoed into our bedroom and woke Carrie up with soft kisses on her back.

She awoke to my lips and the smell of fresh coffee that I had brewed for her.

I gently caressed her skin until she was fully conscious and smiling.

Then we went into the kitchen and sipped on warm java while we talked about life and love.

Later today, I’ll be making her favorite dinner.

So basically…

… The same things I do on 364 other days of the year.

No disrespect intended, but gentleman, treat your woman like a Queen EVERY day of the year and don’t just make one day special because Hallmark said you should.

Be the man your wife dreamed about when she was a child.

And I promise you that dream didn’t involve flowers, chocolate and romance over a single 24-hour period.


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