When customer service sucks…

When customer service sucks…


When customer service sucks…

She didn’t know our names.

Which meant that we started shopping for a new gym immediately.

For 7 years, we’ve been going to the same gym.

5 days every week.

We’re friends with the front-end staff.

We’re friends with the other members.

We’re friends with the cleaning crew.

And we’ve said “hello” every single time the owner passes us on the gym floor.

But yesterday – when no one else was at the front desk and she had to manually check us in herself – she had to ask us what our names were.

Because she didn’t know.

After 7 years of being her client.

Entrepreneurs have this incredibly dumb way of constantly look for the “next” marketing strategy that will send their business into the stratosphere of success.

They create funnels.

They establish up-sells.

They build referral programs.

And they make nifty slogans.

But only 2 out of every 10 entrepreneurs we know actually tend to the clients and customers they have.

Tend to them by building real, lasting relationships.

Relationships that matter.

Relationships that make the client and customer feel appreciated and valued.

Our loyalty to that gym is something we never thought would become a great educational tool to talk about when sending you an email.

But she didn’t know our names.

After 7 years of loyal patronage.

It’s time for entrepreneurs to stop giving lip-service to phrases like “authenticity”, “client-centered” and “heart-based”…

… And start actually doing it.

Success is built from the foundation of the people who have invested in you.

Don’t take that for granted.

Brian & Carrie

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