What if you could?

The Innocence of Happiness


Only 1 in every 3 adults describe themselves as “happy”

Which is tragic.

Perhaps even more tragic than most people ever even give thought to.

Because “unhappy” has become so normal in our society, we’ve grown almost immune to it.

And if you don’t resonate with being or feeling “unhappy”, is it at least fair to say that you spend your days more “neutral” than “happy”?

When good things happen, you get a spark of happiness.

But in contrast to those sparks, most of your days are just kind of spent in a haze.

Neither really “happy” or “unhappy”

To us, that’s not good enough.

That’s NOT what life is supposed to be.

Which is why we created this 3-minute video.

And it truly does have the potential to change everything for you.

Please, take the 3-minutes to watch it.

And if so moved, “like” and “share” it, as well.

Here it is >>> http://www.brianandcarrie.live/fb121617v

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