What happened when we hung out with Alice Cooper?

What happened when we hung out with Alice Cooper?


So this week we got to meet Mr Cooper and his wife. We’re also going to be at his 70th birthday bash this weekend!


Anyway, today we want to share our experience of hanging out with Alice…


…what we talked about,


…and why it was so important to the journey of self-mastery (for all of us).


We also want to talk about how we stick to our routines and healthy disciplines, even when we travel to Arizona and places outside of our home in Mont Tremblant.


Discover what happened when we met Alice Cooper here >> http://www.brianandcarrie.live/fb050218v


B & C




Speaking of our home in Mont Tremblant…


We have an invite for you. Its ONLY if you’re ready to make major breakthroughs in your relationships, and achieve more goals in life.


Y’know, goals like:


  • Getting your dream job
  • Finding that soul-partner
  • Growing an incredible business with a team to support you


Relationships are the KEY to all of those things happening.


And we want to coach you PERSONALLY.


Would that be cool? If so, go HERE to see more about the Retreat – starts at the end of this month, so get in quick! 

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