We’re Hiring Coaches (this week)

We’re Hiring Coaches (this week)


We’re hiring Coaches

We’re hiring Coaches.

Our business is growing at too rapid a rate for us to possibly be able to manage all the demands for group and private coaching we have.

So… We’re hiring Coaches.

And here’s the thing that may be MOST important to you.

We DON’T need you to market yourself.
We DON’T need you to be a salesperson.
We DON’T need you to run Facebook Ads.
We DON’T need you to write copy.

We need you to COACH.

We need you to be willing to go through an intensive apprenticeship with us (via satellite – no travel required) so we can teach you our mindset system.

And then, we need you to coach.

You won’t have to find your own clients (our marketing team does that).

You won’t have to sell anything to anyone (our sales team does that).

You won’t have to manage staff (our management team does that).

But you will need to learn, understand and apply our mindset coaching process with group and private clients.

Coaching and Consulting are the fastest growing industries in the world and the ONLY reason MOST Coaches and Consultants can’t ever seem to make it in business…

… Is because they end up having to do all the marketing, sales, Facebook Ads and sales copy.

Which means they can’t ever seem to find clients simply.

We have a business model that works.

What we need are Coaches.


Watch this video (ALL the details are explained).

We’re hiring Coaches…

… And we’d like you to be one of them.

Information and details right here >>>


Brian & Carrie

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