We’ll teach you how to be a coach

The fastest way to financial security as a coach


We have over 20 years’ combined experience coaching people to better quality lives.


We’ve invested more than half a million dollars of our own money into learning and applying our craft.


And we’d like to give you the “crash course” on how to do what we do.


So that you can become a better coach, improve your own quality of life. . .


. . . and potentially even work with us.


We do that through the Brian & Carrie Apprenticeship Program (or, BCAP for short).


We’re opening spots this week.


It’s a 12-week mentoring program designed to discover the best version of YOU.

And to equip you with the skills to aid others to find more purpose, meaning and fulfilment in their lives.


Coaching is the second fastest growing industry in the world (second only to TECH)


That means a massive amount of people are now wanting professional guidance from a skilled coach, to help them improve their lives.


This is quite honestly the biggest opportunity to make lots of wealth and a freedom-based lifestyle doing something you love, and that brings joy to hundreds more people.


Now you CAN become a skilled, confident coach . . . transform lives . . .and enjoy financial stability at the same time.


BCAP is the first step.




(this is perfect for current coaches AND people wanting to become a coach, alike)


HIT REPLY and tell us you want more details.


Our sexy team will get back to ya.


B & C

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