We said goodbye to stability

We said goodbye to stability


We said goodbye to stability

This is directly from Brian. Because it’s a story you need to hear…

10 years ago this month, I said goodbye to stability.

I was the Director of Athlete Development for a large sports performance complex in Chicago with more than 200 youth, collegiate and professional athletes in my care.

At the top of my game and living the dream that I had cultivated for 12 years.

A hefty salary, benefits and manageable schedule that I dictated on my own terms.

But I traded it all in for an idea.

An idea with absolutely no guarantees.

My colleagues thought I was crazy.

My family thought I was reckless.

My friends wanted to be supportive, but mostly thought I was being foolish.

I remember nights sitting in my home office chair with my head in my hands and holding back tears, wondering why I had even bothered trying.

I remember not knowing how my rent was going to get paid at the end of the month, or if driving to the part of town that had cheaper gas prices was worth eating up the little gas I had to actually get there.

I remember watching the sun crest over the horizon after another necessary all-nighter and thinking of ways to get my old job back.

But I also remember the 500 people who came to my first event.

I remember walking into the hotel ballroom and seeing the sea of faces.

Feeling the excitement.

Sensing the emotion.

And the very moment I recognized that the gamble had been worth it.

Sometimes, it takes a little crazy.

A touch of recklish.

And a smidge of foolish.

If you’re walking through the fire yourself right now, please take notice.

Give it all you’ve got.

Even in those moments you want to pack it in.

Those days where you just can’t find the silver lining.

And those weeks that have you scared shitless.

Stability means NOTHING if it means being mediocre.

So cheers to your craziness.

Get after it today.

Brian & Carrie

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Brian & Carrie

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