BG reads to Carrie….

I promise to never forget what it’s taken us to get here

To always be grateful for the day I decided to hop in my car and drive 17 hours

To cherish you as the reason I did

To make my scent­free farts part of our daily experience

To never wear tube socks with sandals

To make you laugh like no one is watching

To dance in our living room without the need for music

To be awed by your light forever

And perhaps most importantly

To continue showing Chase how a man should walk tall, do right, imagine always, serve others and love a woman well

To always be Miyah’s safe place, to remind her that nothing is impossible for someone so inspired and that she should never settle for any love that doesn’t make her feel the way she does in my arms

Carrie reads to BG…

Unfortunately Smalls, I really didn’t think it was right for me to create your vows for you, so get ready to half wing it

After all, you’re surprised as fuck right now and likely crying your ass off

But you know me well and know that I need no words from you

Just the perfect days of perfection you’ve been giving me every day for the past 6 years

The fact you can’t ever be surprised and I can’t ever seem to contain them, makes this whole thing kinda miraculous

Not unlike our romance

I hope you don’t feel upset with me for taking away your opportunity to say something right now

But I know what you want to say

Because it’s in your eyes

The only promise I’ll ask you to state aloud right now is the same one I made to you

Tube socks and sandals…. Just say no, Smalls.