[video] Simple Steps to Becoming a Minimalist

Simple Steps to Becoming a Minimalist


Simple Steps to Becoming a Minimalist

About 6 years ago, we became minimalists.

We just had too much “stuff” (can you relate with that?)

And we’ve created a video (below) that explains our “One Toy In, One Toy Out” system.

It’s been the cornerstone of how we both became and maintained ourselves as minimalists.

We lived in a 5-bedroom home on 1-acre of land.

Every room in the house was filled with “stuff”.

(You know… Stuff!  The kind of stuff you have that you don’t use.  Ever).

It all became a mental, physical and spiritual burden.

Worse yet, we realized just how much we were conditioning our kids to be materialistic consumers.

So we decided to change it all.

Now, we live in a very modest 3-bedroom home that has just the amount of space we need.

And no “stuff”!!!!

Brian & Carrie

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