[video] Love, Respect… And Humor.

Love, Respect… And Humor.


Love, Respect… And Humor.

Tough talk is really easy on the internet.

It’s also a surefire vehicle to get a lot of “likes” on social media.

So yes, of course…

… We’d want to physically hurt any man who even thought about hurting our little girl when she grows up and is old enough to start dating.

But tough talk is the REALLY simple part.

Simple, and completely useless for helping our daughter understand what her heart is worth.

Tough people talk about hurting other people for daring to hurt someone they love.

Truly aligned people provide examples every day of their lives to help prevent the people they love from ever getting hurt.

She watches us treat each other with respect every single day.

She sees us make “kindness” a lifestyle, not a random act.

And she already knows that she should never settle for any love that doesn’t make her feel as safe as she does when she’s in either of our arms.

Be the type of person you’d want your daughter to love when she grows older.

Start by learning to love yourself enough to actually be that kind of person.

Love, respect and humor are the hallmarks of our family.

Brian & Carrie

Brian & Carrie

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