Verbal intercourse?

Verbal intercourse?


Verbal intercourse?

(3) TALK

And we don’t mean this as a redundant “communication is important” message.

We mean TALK.

We spend the first 3 hours of every day together.

Learning separately and then teaching each other what we learned.

Journaling about our thoughts and then discussing what we discovered.

Charting our goals and then chattering on about our collective excitement for them.

We talk about love, life, poetry, business, our children, sex, spirituality, political ideologies, finances, art and history.

Because my wife’s voice is my favorite sound on the planet.

And her mind is the most enchanting thing I’ve ever known.

Stop treating conversations with your partner as just another checkmark on the daily “to do” list and start romanticizing life through words.

Verbal intercourse is sexier than you likely realize.

You have negative thoughts circling your head all day.

Every day.

And if you don’t get them out, they’ll stay there.

Directing your actions.

Affecting your habits.

Controlling your behaviors.

Success in life, business, fitness or relationships cannot happen without talking.

Without getting those negative thoughts out.

So talk.


It will make all the difference.

Brian & Carrie

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