Turn your passion to help into a career

Turn your passion to help into a career


Michelle Adams and “spunky”

Those two things just go together.

We’re sitting here writing this to you on the eve of two incredible weeks for us and our company.

Next week, we’re hosting 15 people from around the world at one of now famous “Eliminate Your Limits – Retreat”

A 20-bedroom chalet in the mountains.

Quiet, isolated and so unbelievably peaceful.

15 wonderful souls spending 4-days learning how to listen to their unconscious minds and truly eliminate the limits that are holding them back in life and business.

The week after, the entire “Brian & Carrie” team is descending on our home for an annual staff meeting.

Some of our favorite people on the planet – who are responsible for making the “B & C” engine run – hanging with us while we plot what’s in store for 2018 and beyond.

We’re just too excited…

… Which circles us back to Michelle.

She’s making the trek all the way from California to attend our Retreat.

AND, be at our Team Meeting (yup, we’re bringing her onto the B & C Team!!!).

She’s an upbeat, positive and energetic woman to say the least.

But it wasn’t always like that for her.

It used to be that when something went wrong in Michelle’s life, it would nag at her for days.

She’d overreact.

Get angry or frustrated.

End up crying and COMPLETELY sabotaging her own business, fitness and life goals.

(Does that sound familiar?)

But that’s just NOT the Michelle Adams of today.

Everything has completely changed in her life.

For the better.

She’s calm, relaxed, focused, direction-oriented and killing her goals.

So what changed?

And how can she help you create those kinds of changes in your world?

Watch this video…

… Because this woman is going to speak to you straight from the heart –

Click Here >>> http://www.brianandcarrie.live/fv100717v1

B & C

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