This will leave a mark…

This will leave a mark…


This will leave a mark…


Ever notice that when someone can’t seem to create success out of the dreams they carry in their hearts, they often blame their spouse for “holding them back”?

Are there occasions, where that’s exactly what happens?

Of course.

But it’s become too customary to blame and hold OTHER PEOPLE responsible for YOUR limits.

When we were broke, unfit and overwhelmed by life, we blamed each other.

Making the conscious decision to take FULL accountability for our own lives allowed us to become optimal advocates and backbones for each other.

And that changed everything.

If your thoughts, your words or your actions are polluted by a “truth” that says someone else is responsible for you not having what you want, you’re lying to yourself.



Direct and honest.


So take our message today and consider it deeply.

Keep your thoughts calm and your belief steady.

You CAN do it.

You just have to decide that it’s on YOU to get it done.

Brian & Carrie

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