This almost made us cry…

This almost made us cry…


This almost made us cry…

We can’t tell you who this is.

Because it’s a personal family matter that really isn’t our business to share.

But when a long-term client and friend asks to chat just so they can tell you that they’re pregnant and wanted you to know before they announced it to the world…

… It really warms your heart.

We are more than proud of the work we do.

Helping people eliminate their limits in life, business, fitness and relationships is both a spiritual and practical experience that we absolutely adore teaching.

But the deepest essence of our passion is in creating real relationships with the people who decide to invest their time and energy into our work.

“Wow… My client just messaged me to say that because of my advice, they made $10,000 this month!”


Those statuses and blog posts are cool.

A little predictable and common, but cool.

“I just wanted you to know before we told everyone else that we’re pregnant…”

We sit here typing this, beyond humbled.

And so very, very grateful.

Brian & Grasso

P.S. – Thank you… To every single one of the thousands of people who have invested their time and energy into what we do. Forever thankful <3

Brian & Carrie

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