The vacation that will transform your relationship forever

The vacation that will transform your relationship forever


There a few spots left on our couples retreat. . .


– An intimate, soulful experience while nestled in the beautiful mountains of Mont Tremblant


– Discover the difference between “Self-Referral” and “Object-Referral” and how do they keep you stuck in an endless cycle of frustration with your communication patterns while leaving you feeling as though you partner never really hears you?

– Learn to prioritize yourself and your relationship even though you feel like there are never, ever enough hours in the day

– 3-simple steps to going from stuck, frustrated and exhausted to liberated, truly happy and full of life

– The storybook romance you’ve always wanted, but stopped believing was possible

– Easy and quick solutions to relationship problems you think can’t ever be fixed (or will need endless amounts of counselling to make right)

– What is “Bound Nature” and how does it keep you and your partner arguing about everything?

-Take your love, sexual experiences and relationship to undiscovered levels of happiness

– The problem is that you think it’s “them”, and “they” think it’s you. The answer is so much more easy and clear than either of you realize

– Time, busy schedules, kids, career stress and money AREN’T the problem… You just think they are.

– So many couples experience stress because they are trying to “RELATE” to each other instead of simply

“UNDERSTANDING” each other… Change that. EVERYTHING changes with it

– What is “Energy In” versus “Energy Out” and how does knowing the difference (between you and your partner) impact everything about your communication and the feeling of being understood for who you are

– What are YOUR mindset limits and how are the negatively affecting your relationship

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