The missing ingredient in “self-help”

The missing ingredient in “self-help”


This is the final video of “Brian SANS Carrie” this week.

(And if you don’t speak French, “SANS” means “WITHOUT!”!)

Yup… Carrie Campbell will be back with me next week and I cannot WAIT to see my wife again!!!!

But this video (below) has some serious overtones to it.

Serious overtones, with a simple solution all at the same time.

Here’s the fact –

Every year $11 BILLION are spent on “self-help” by people who want to make more money, be happier, set and achieve goals, lose weight or be less lonely in life.

And yet –

70% of households are in debt
1 in 5 adults are taking anti-depressent drugs
1 in 3 describe themselves as happy
1 in 5 experience persistent loneliness
92% of people who set goals DON’T achieve them

$11 BILLION… And THOSE are the results.


What’s the missing ingredient?

That’s what I’m going to explain to you today.

A simple, straightforward and EASY solution that will change everything for you.

Just watch >>>


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Here’s the video again >>>

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