The Innocence of Happiness

The Innocence of Happiness


2 years ago, we wrote and produced a very short video.

(3 minutes to be precise)

But when we loaded it to Facebook (on December 7th, 2015), we really weren’t prepared for what was about to happen.


In the first 4 hours.

The video is about our daughter.

And the innocence of her happiness.

The way she sees, feels and relates to the world…

… And just how much every single adult on the planet could learn from her youthful outlook.

This video went viral because it captured the imagination of people worldwide.

It caused them to become emotional.

And remember.

Just how much – especially during this time of year – the innocence of happiness is something we ALL need to re-capture.

To this day, we STILL receive messages from people who sit and watch.

For 3 minutes.

In stunned emotional awe.

Here’s a direct link to that video (Please… WATCH, LIKE & SHARE if you feel moved to do so) –

Click Here >>>

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