The Forgotten Ingredient to Achieving Your Goals

The Forgotten Ingredient to Achieving Your Goals


The Forgotten Ingredient to Achieving Your Goals

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Are you a FEELER or THINKER?

And before you say “both”, understand this –

You’re DOMINANT in ONE of them.

As the spring weather starts breezing across our beautiful mountain home, the concept of FEELER vs. THINKER is a topic we can’t seem to stop talking about.

Are you INVESTING in your goals so that you can HARVEST them?

Are you REVIEWING YOUR DIRECTION daily to keep you on task?

Are you FEELING or THINKING your way through the goal achievement process?

These are important questions.

And they’re questions most people too often ignore.

In fact, it’s part of the missing ingredient to the whole “goal success” equation that too many folks forget about…

… Which is why they don’t achieve their goals.

Brian & Carrie

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