The fastest way to financial security as a coach

The fastest way to financial security as a coach


Coaches are an odd bunch of people.


That’s because they have life-changing value to share. . .


. . . they’re in the second fastest-growing industry in the world . . .


. . . yet at the same time, most of them struggle to make any money.


Odd, huh?


Here’s the reason why:


Most coaches want to coach.


They DON’T want to run and grow a business.


They don’t want to waste hours on marketing,




Clarity calls,


Building websites,


Integrating CRMs,


Learning sales copy or how to “make offers”,


And a hundred other things.


They just want to COACH.


So, maybe you’re a coach in that position?


Or perhaps you’ve wanted to become a coach, but were worried about all the ‘marketing and sales’ stuff that comes with it?


If that’s the case. . .


No more need to worry. We have the solution.


It’s called BCAP.


(the Brian & Carrie Apprenticeship Program)


This is where we show you exactly how we do “what we do”.


Its based on our combined 20+ years of experience.


. . . infused with our skills & knowledge from professional counselling and coaching thousands of people.


So that you can shorten the learning curve and become an effective coach who changes peoples’ lives.


The best part?


The chance to work WITH US. On team B&C.


Yes, on our team in our company.


How do you get started on BCAP?


Spots are open for enrollment THIS WEEK.


Just hit REPLY and tell us you’re interested in BCAP.


One of our lovely team will get back to you with more details.


B & C

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