The 3-Steps to Improving Communication

The 3-Steps to Improving Communication


Habits of Highly Effective Communicators – The 3-Steps to Improving Communication with Your SPOUSE, KIDS & CLIENTS…

… Worth the watch (click on the video box) –

(1) Listen without Interpreting
(2) Terms of Communication
(3) Learn to Listen

Those are the 3-steps.

And they’ve changed our lives completely.

They’ve changed our RELATIONSHIP.

They’ve changed our PARENTING.

They’ve changed the way we both understand and relate to our CLIENTS.

And they are NOT “communication 101” pieces of advice.

This is all about understanding your own “bias filter”, taking “accountability” for speaking patterns and learning to set “boundaries” with how people communication with you.

To be blunt…

… After learning these 3-steps and using them in our lives, we –

(1) Are happier and have more sex
(2) Enjoy a hassle-free relationship with our two kids
(3) Earn more money


Brian & Carrie

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