The 3 Habits of Highly Successful Parents

The 3 Habits of Highly Successful Parents


The 3 Habits of Highly Successful Parents

If you’re a parent – and anything like we used to be – this will all sound very familiar.

We’d say “DON’T” a lot.

We’d get dizzy telling our kids what NOT to do.

We’d forever be reminding our kids how they SHOULDN’T behave.

That all changed about 6 years ago when we adopted our “House 3”.

It simplified everything.

It made parenting (and the relationship we have with our kids) way more consistent.

It gave our home a feeling of positivity, predictability and freedom.

Tell the Truth
Work Hard
Be Respectful

Those 3 habits changed our entire lives for the better…

… And our kids lives in the process!

Why the “House 3”?
Why THESE 3?
How to make them work for you?

Why does raising EXCEPTIONAL kids have a LOT more to do with YOU than it does THEM?

This has officially become our most watched and reacted to episode of “Brian & Carrie – In the Morning” ever.

Brian & Carrie

P.S. – What are your “HOUSE RULES”? We’d love to know! Please… Tell us below!

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