It took us 10 years to figure out for ourselves what will take us 60 minutes to teach you…

… And bring you so much closer to having exactly what you want.

In 2016, we were sitting on stage in front of a sold-out crowd in Santa Monica, California…

… In 2006, we were sitting in our kitchen, wondering how we were going to pay our bills.

Like you, we had limits that were preventing us from having what we wanted.

In our relationship.

In our fitness.

In our business and financial life.

So, like every other motivational expert, we want to tell you to just do it.

Whatever the tune of your heart is singing, follow it.


Because life is meant to be a grand experiment of discovery.

And there is no greater pain than regret.

We believe in those words.

We embrace that kind of magic.

Our live show has been 10 years in the making for us.

Which is why we know “just do it” isn’t going to keep you inspired.

It may give you a temporary shot of adrenaline.

It may be the incentive that gets you started.

But if your life is anything like ours has been, than you already know that the motivation dies and the less-than-successful habits start taking over again.

That was us.

Always wanting to do more, achieve more and become more.

Forever trying to find the motivational impulse that would get us off our asses and into the game.

And we found them.

All the time.

But they were never enough to sustain our forward progress.

No matter how many popular, famous or tough-talking people say it, you actually DO have shit that’s holding you back…

… And you don’t always know how to GET OVER IT.

Our live events are not about motivating you to do epic things.

They’re about helping you understand why you DON’T do the epic things you keep saying you want to do.

That’s the revolution.

You really can do anything you want to do.

And you can do it more easily than you believe is possible while you’re reading these words.

But not unless or until you finally peel back the layers of the shit that holds you back.

Keeps you stuck.

Makes you overthink.

Causes you to self-doubt.

And forces you to procrastinate.

We’re not about telling you to just get over your shit…

… We’re about teaching you how to do that.

This Is The Stuff We Talk About (that you need to hear…)  

(1) The 4 A’s: How to Eliminate Your Limits.

Acceptance, Awareness, Accountability & Adaptation.

That’s the 4-part solution you need.

Because what limits you are the unseen forces you know are there, but can’t ever seem to figure out how to get rid of.

You’re stuck.  You know you’re stuck.  You don’t want to be stuck.  But you don’t understand how to get un-stuck.

Sound familiar?

What we figured out is what we’ve taught to audiences around the world.

That we need to Accept that life is just a perspective.

That we need to become Aware of what our perspective is.

That we need to take Accountability for our role in creating that perspective.

And that we need to learn to Adapt to a new perspective.


Stunningly simple.

Let us show you exactly how to eliminate your limits.

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(2) HATERS!!!! How to STOP allowing ‘Haters’, ‘Negativity’ and ‘Fear’ hold you back.

You want to know who really pisses us off?

No one.


And do you want to know why?

Because we’ve learned that whoever owns the power to piss you off, owns YOU. 


We don’t allow our lives to be dictated by someone (or something) outside of us. 

You should make the same commitment.

Because self-love is the greatest middle finger of all time. 


That’s what the world is missing most.

Negative people, negative events, negative circumstances and negative situations can be unrelenting in STOPPING you from having the things you want in life.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

It REALLY doesn’t have to be that way.

No matter what you may be thinking right now.

Haters, Negativity and Fear prevent you from having the happiness you want.

The physique and fitness you want.

The business and cash flow you want.

The relationship you want.

Let’s learn to change that.  Together.

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(3) Sawubona: Will the REAL You Please Stand Up?

If we asked you to tell us who you are, you’d likely start by stating your name.

If we probed for more information, you’d list off all the things that represent the “you” that you know.

You’re a Mom, a Dad, an entrepreneur, an athlete, a psychologist, a cashier, a fitness professional, an internet marketer…  The list goes on.

If you felt comfortable and the conversation continued, you might move to secondary classifications such as Christian, Democrat, divorcee, or cancer survivor.

But the truth is, you really aren’t any of those things.

Those are labels you wear. 

Identities that you’ve become due to the influences and experiences you’ve had date. 

They aren’t “good” or “bad,” necessarily, but they are most certainly limiting. 

What’s possible for you in life is not a measure of where you’ve been, but where you decide to go

“Sawubona” is a Zulu word that translates to English as “I See You”.

And in 2006 – while touring Australia – it’s a word that changed our own lives forever.

Do you truly know who you are?

What you deeply want?

What matters most to you?

Beyond what you’re supposed to think or say?

How do you find the real you? 

That’s what “Sawubona” is all about.

Discovering yourself.  Perhaps for the very first time.

And in doing so, permanently releasing yourself from those limits that keep you stuck.

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