Self-doubt and self-sabotage…

Self-doubt and self-sabotage…


Self-doubt and self-sabotage…

“Just do the F@#$ING work…”

We had a great chat with a UK-based fitness professional last week and that quote (above) is one she’s tired of hearing.

We suspect, there are TONS of people who agree with her.

She’s spent all kinds of cash on business coaches over the past decade.

Invested her money, energy and TRUST in people who claim to have all the answers.

You know, it’s actually funny after reading those first few lines back to ourselves.

We sound cynical, don’t we?

Almost like this is one of those posts that’s going to whine and complain about people selling services that they aren’t nearly qualified enough to offer.

But we’re not going down that road.

Because it’s been said, done and paraded around way too many times already.

Instead, we’re just going to cut it to you straight…

… “Just do the F@#$ING work” is a weak and lazy instruction from someone who has absolutely no idea what human motivation truly involves.

Moreover, it doesn’t work.

Love it.

Hate it.

Believe it.

Don’t believe it.

None of the above has the potential to change the facts.

You have limits that are mental and emotional.

Yes… Even as it relates to things like business success.

Taking action on work you know you SHOULD be taking action on.

Or being consistent with your effort and intensity.

Self-sabotage is one of your greatest problems

(You know what you want to be doing, but always seem to find ways of avoiding it).

Self-doubt cripples you more than you want to admit it does.

(You just don’t believe you can, but still try clinging to the “yes you can” motivational slogans).

Negative self-talk is your biggest enemy.

(Let’s face it, you are just plain mean, nasty and rude to yourself).

Now… Here’s the problem…

“JUST DO THE F@#$ING WORK” won’t change any of that.

It won’t EVER change any of that.

Because it’s superficial nonsense that doesn’t come close to penetrating through to the mental and emotional limits that prevent you from having all the successes you want (and deserve).

You’re not broken.

You’re not lazy.

You don’t need better willpower.

And you aren’t destined to fail.

You’ve just spent way too much time listening to nonsense.

Nonsense that gets you all kinds of amped up and motivated for a second…

… But than has you come crashing back to earth with the realistic truth that your limits still exist and are keeping you stuck.

Remain superficially motivated and you’ll run the cycle of start-stop until the day you die.

Go inside to eliminate the limits that hold you back and you’ll take the breaks off for good.

Does you relate?

We’re positive that you do.

Because so many people do.

So we have a proposal for you (and it’s not what you think).

We actually want to read this exact email to you (we know, odd right!).

But you’ll know exactly what we mean when you see (and hear) it.

Have a look and see why you relating to this message is so important to your success and happiness >>>

Brian & Carrie

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