Personal coaching with Brian & Carrie (spots open)

Personal coaching with Brian & Carrie (spots open)


We don’t often do this.


This year we’ve invested time, money and energy into scaling the B&C brand.


We’ve grown a team, trained coaches and expanded our plans.


So, we’ve had to take a step back from 1-1 client work, in order to help our team and create some BIG business relationships (the HUGEST announcement about that coming soon btw!)


However, we’ve found a way to help a select, intimate group of people 1-1 again.


It’s happening THIS MONTH.


And we’re inviting you to join us at our beautiful home town of Mont Tremblant.


We’re holding a private small retreat, helping you with RELATIONSHIPS.


This is for you if you want:


  • To get the intimacy back in your personal relationship
  • To earn the respect & loyalty of your employees
  • To gain more appreciation of your boss and colleagues
  • To transform your experience with your kids
  • To make more friends and boost your social life
  • A more confident, secure and grateful relationship with yourself


…and any other relationship that will increase the quality of your life.


That’s what we’re coaching you on, at our Relationships Retreat.


Relationships are the cornerstone of your life.


Anything you want, must come through relationships (with yourself or others).


So this is easily one of the most life-transforming experiences we’ve created.


And we would love for you to join us.


Are you ready?


Here’s the next step:


Watch this video where we break down the retreat and why its so critical <<


(Go to minute 32:00 if you’re short on time and want the big details!)


B & C

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