Overcoming Obstacles with Ease

Overcoming Obstacles with Ease


Overcoming Obstacles with Ease


That’s the best possible advice we could give you.

But it’s advice you seldom hear anywhere else.

Your unconscious is the most powerful and limitless instrument known to humankind.

It builds in your life what you ask of it in your dreams.

And it does so without questions, objections or knowledge of what is real versus imagined.

So no matter your goals, don’t define it as something you have to “fight” for.

Don’t determine it to be “hard”.

Don’t refer to it as “overcoming obstacles”.

And don’t consider it something that needs “willpower”.

That’s creating an “opponent” for no reason.

It takes what can be achieved simply and adds the complexity of “challenge”.

There really is nothing in your way.

Nothing, but you.

Last night, we charted our path for the next 5 years.

The conversation lasted 20 minutes.

The image is clear, the journey simple and the outcome, guaranteed.

What amounts to something most would consider “unlikely”, “pie in the sky” and “lofty”, we choose to define as “effortless”.

Which is precisely why it will work.

No “fight”.

No “hard”.

No “challenge”.

No “willpower”.

And no “opponent”.

Don’t get caught up in the haze of those motivational battle cries.

Don’t accept that negative self-talk that calls you inferior, unable or not worthy.

Because the hardest thing to understand is just how simple it all really is.

Brian & Carrie

P.S. – If you read any part of this message as “so what they’re saying is that all you have to do is manifest what you want, but not actually WORK for it”… You misread.

Hard work will ALWAYS be part of the equation.

But “hard work” doesn’t have to involve “challenge”.

It can (and should) be “simple”.

Be sure to read the next few emails we’ll be sending you this week.

We’re going to show you how to make success (in anything) WAY more “simple” than it feels like it is right now…

Brian & Carrie

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