Our dirty little secret…

Our dirty little secret…

Why people do what they do is actually the heartbeat of why we do what we do…

… Did that make sense?

Let’s break it down a little differently.

You want to have, do, create or achieve something. And that sentence alone was likely enough to bring whatever it is up to the forefront of your thoughts.

It’s not really hard to get excited about having that thing.

Or develop a plan of attack for achieving it.

But once you get started, the inspiration and enthusiasm has a way of falling very flat, very quickly, doesn’t it?

Almost as if this powerful unseen force keeps pulling you back into the same patterns of behavior that work AGAINST you having the thing you most want.

That’s our “why”.

To help people understand why they do what they do AND how to eliminate the limits of those unseen forces that prevent them from having what they truly want.

But we don’t do that from an ivory tower.

Or a “only the good stuff” image.

We’re real.


And very open.

Because THAT’S life.

We don’t look at our job as standing at the top of a hole in order to shout down encouragement so you’ll be motivated to climb your way out…

… We jump down into the hole with you and SHOW you the way out.

After all, even the most confident among us have days that shake their faith.

Moments that rattle their strength.

And situations that can disturb their peace.

We’ve had days like that within the past few months.

Because like you, we’re human.

Years ago, we were inclined to do what we see so many try to teach, announce and declare throughout the world wide web, in movies and through various social media ports –

To rise above.

Fight back.

Be resolved against.

But these days, we constantly remind ourselves of a precious secret that we hope will find your ears and heart right now.

To rise above is to instigate a conflict.

Fighting back perpetuates the fight.

And many times, the deeper your resolve to win, the more you incite a struggle.

Tough-talk has become an addiction of sorts in our society.

We try to rise above ‘it’.

Fight ‘them’.

Resolve ourselves against ‘that’.

We often find ourselves wondering if we realize just how much all we end up creating is a culture of fear.

With the true enemy being ourselves.

And real freedom an impossibility.

We are each other’s best friend.

Our kids, the heartbeat of our existence.

We love the living shit out of our life.

Not because we fight for what we don’t have…

… But because we’ve learned to find sincere thanks for what we do.

Today, right now, we wish you that exact kind of peace.

Can we take a few moments of your time to explain our own personal secrets to LIFE and LOVE?

This one short video may just be exactly what you need to know so that you can STOP the process of self-sabotage and END your battle with self-confidence forever.

(Truth is, we have a beautiful life… And we want to share the very few secrets we’ve used to both build and sustain it that way)

Brian & Carrie

P.S. – What does our 11 year old daughter have to do with you learning to eliminate your limits?

We’re going to show you 2 days from now…

Brian & Carrie

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