Our #1 Tip for 2017

Our #1 Tip for 2017


Our #1 Tip for 2017

Brian here.

With a quick message to start your 2017 right.

This is our #1 tip.

The one thing we want you to consider walking into a brand new year.

And it’s fresh in our minds because it happened just before Christmas…

I sobbed for 20 minutes this afternoon.

Because of a message I received (see below).

And I’ll be carrying this man’s words with my for a long time.

“Over the last year i fell into a deep depression and fell far into alcoholism.

I was waking up to a drink every day..

It got so bad that i was on the verge of suicide.

And I don’t mean just “thinking” about it. I literally wrote my letter, grabbed my gun and went on facebook to say my final goodbye to all my friends.

But when I logged in, your post was the first on my feed.

I even have a screenshot of the post.

I decided to read your post and like you always do, you hit my heartstrings really hard and made me realize that all I had to do was change the way I look at life and I can actually make a change.

After reading that post I put my gun down.

I cried like a baby and sat in a shower for HOURS.

That post made me put down alcohol cold turkey..

I struggled for months, but your posts kept me in line.

I have now been 7 months sober, have the most amazing relationship with my wife and 2 boys, and my business is doing better than it EVER has…”

The person who wrote this has never been a client.

He’s never paid me a single cent.

My profile page on Facebook just happens to be the one that he looks to for inspiration.

For hope.

My friend, you can write and post whatever you want on your social media pages.

On your blogs.

Or in whatever medium you use to convey your message.

But never lose site of just how much power you yield.

How your words and actions can compel someone to put a gun down.

Put a bottle down.

Raise themselves up.

Believe that change is possible.

I sobbed this afternoon because not so many years ago, I was the guy with the gun in his hand.

Ready to say goodbye.

And if I could go back in time to talk with that younger version of me, I’d tell him to breathe.

To realize that what life has coming for him is so much greater than what he can see or feel at the moment.

To find hope in that.

And to put the gun down.

Use your voice however you choose…

… But never doubt the powerful, positive impact it can have.

Wishing you light, love and happiness in 2017.

Brian & Carrie

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