One thought to make everything better in 2017

One thought to make everything better in 2017


One thought to make everything better in 2017


That’s the greatest problem.

The only real barrier.

And the hardest thing to understand is just how easy it all truly is.

Success – no matter the goal or definition – is never about learning how to become successful.

It’s about releasing from the reasons you’re not.

We champion the testosterone-filled mantras that tell us to ‘do it’, ‘take action’ and ‘work your face off’, but the superficial motivation attached to those kinds of battle cries are a mile wide and an inch thin.

They sound right.

They feel good for a moment.

But their ability to actually help you create lasting change in life is about as lengthy as this next sentence…

… I am.

That’s the incompatibility.

What you claim you want to do, achieve or become isn’t agreeable with the self-perception you carry about what you see as POSSIBLE for you to do, achieve or become.

And until the internal environment aligns with your external desires, a cycle of  attempts, failures and frustrations is doomed to repeat.

Most people sit in their rowboat and paddle with all their might.

They hire strategists to teach them how to paddle better and motivators who inspire them to paddle faster.

But they still go no where.

They go no where because they never take the time to simply turn around and realize that all the strategy in the world and all the motivation on the planet can’t ever overcome the single thread that keeps them stuck.

Their rowboat is tied to the dock.

And unless they release the knot, they’ll remain stuck forever.

In 2017, we’re going to help you untie your boat.

Release from what’s keeping you stuck.

And eliminate your limits.  Forever.

Be safe tonight.

With love and light,

Brian & Carrie



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