Maybe you SHOULDN’T set goals…

Maybe you SHOULDN’T set goals…


Maybe you SHOULDN’T set goals…

Maybe you don’t need to set goals.

Maybe a vision board is the exact opposite of what you need.

Maybe the positive affirmations you say work against you.

And maybe meditation shouldn’t be on your daily menu of to do activities for now.

25 years of practical Mindset work has shown us two things –

(1) There’s isn’t “A” way… There’s “YOUR” way.

(2) The very best Mindset practices are the ones that meet you where you are.

#2 in particular is something way too many “experts” and “authorities” on the subject miss.

If you’re not assessing, you’re guessing.

If you don’t diagnose, the prescription could be both flawed and dangerous.

No one doubts those two statements when it comes to physical fitness.


Even business consulting.

Before you decide on a “solution”, you have to understand the “problem”.


Those represent the 4 classifications we’ve taken years to create and understand.

People in the “Explicit” model tend to be very sad and live in various degrees of despair.

“Inspirit” types react to life events and often seem to be on emotional rollercoaster of high’s and low’s.

“Ambassadors” accept the journey of life, are highly aware and continually evolving.

The “Mentor” classification represents people who are eager to grow, but can often become impatient when they don’t grow at the rate they expect to.

4 different types of people, completely.

With 4 different needs.

Goals are great.

Vision boards can be very powerful.

Positive affirmations, effective.

And meditation, undeniably important.

But that doesn’t mean they will all prove positive for everyone.

Ever spent time creating goals, but then end up NOT pursuing them within just a few days or weeks?

Ever take hours to build a vision board only to realize that you’ve started looking at it with CONTEMPT or ANGER?

Ever find yourself feeling HOPELESS or in DISBELIEF after repeating positive affirmations?

Ever give up on meditation because it causes you more STRAIN and FRUSTRATION than it does anything else?

There is no “one-size-fits-all” for…

Financial Investments

… Or anything else.

Experts should stop trying to sell you on the fact that there IS for learning how to have what you want.

Brian & Carrie

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