Lessons on Success From An 11-Year Old

Lessons on Success From An 11-Year Old


Watch this video and be prepared to take action…

… Because THIS is how you achieve the goals you set.

From the words and actions of an 11-year old (just click the video box) –

Our 11-year old daughter taught us a lot about success this past weekend.

And reminded us how to achieve the goals we all set in life.

We’d be doing a disservice if we didn’t pass these gems along to you.

On Saturday morning, we sat in a HUGE auditorium and watched – in awe – as she stood on stage and sang.

In front of talent agents and professional musicians.

It was the first time she ever performed in that kind of venue.

Aside from singing in the shower and small elementary school talent shows, it was the first time she performed anywhere of note.

And from that experience, she reminded us of what success really looks like.

These are the 3 lessons we’d all be wise to use in our own lives –

(1) Get on stage & sing off-key
(2) The Velodrome Effect
(3) Stay in the SUCK & don’t give a FU#@

Brian & Carrie

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