Lego, our son and your success…

Lego, our son and your success…


Lego, our son and your success…

May 22, 2016

Every week, we find ourselves on the phone with really important people.

CEO’s deciding whether or not they want to hire us as speakers.

Vice President’s considering the idea of bringing us on as consultants.

Professional athletes asking if our mindset system can help make them a champion.

Do you know where we take every single one of those phone calls from?

Our son’s bedroom.

Specifically, the cozy orange 2-seater that sits in the corner.

The reasoning is pretty straight forward.

Because his room reminds us that no matter the outcome of the call, we’re going to be playing Lego later that day with our son.

That we’ll be talking about girls, school dances and the incredible journey of growing up.

His chair helps us remember that there’s never a reason to take anything too seriously.

That no matter what CEO’s, Vice Presidents or professional athletes choose to think of us, our boy’s opinion is the only one we really care about.

Brian & Carrie

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