Learn to use your mind for you…

Learn to use your mind for you…


Learn to use your mind for you…


That’s what enables you to awaken your freedom, unleash your genius and be, do or achieve whatever it is your aching to do with your life.

The simple truth that you’re afraid more than you admit you are.

That you doubt yourself more than want to.

That you overthink and procrastinate more than you believe others do.

And that you don’t always feel yourself worthy enough to be, do or achieve it.

That was our truth not so many years ago.

It was a truth we denied at all costs.

A truth we hid.

Hid from our colleagues, our friends and most importantly… From ourselves.

We didn’t say what we felt because we were afraid of the backlash.

We doubted our ability to make it all work.

We over-thought, we procrastinated and we didn’t see ourselves as worthy of the successes we dreamed of.

Until we told the truth.

To ourselves first.

And when we did, everything changed.

Something incredible and unmistakable happens when you release yourself to the truth.

Almost like a locked chain finally liberates itself from holding you stationery.

And like magic, you begin taking forward steps.

The strategies and systems that seemed overwhelming before, all start making sense.

The schedule, process and path begin to gain clarity.

What was once gridlocked, confusing and suffocating, becomes crystal clear and straightforward.

The truth DOES set you free.

It’s not a secret.

But it’s also not popular.

And as we’re typing this, we’re wondering how many people will actually have the courage to admit to themselves that sometimes, they don’t always tell the truth inside their own heads.

Fact is, you speak to yourself in a way that is more negative, angry and mean-spirited than you would ever allow anyone else to speak to you.

THAT’S what holds you back from the successes you crave.

Not just the negative, angry and mean-spirited words…

… But that you do everything in your power to deny they exist.

Tell the truth.

To yourself.

And watch as the world shifts to your favor.

Because it will.

Brian & Carrie

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Brian & Carrie

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