Is INTUITION Complete BullS&!t?

Is INTUITION Complete BullS&!t?


Is “INTUITION” a Complete Crock of Crap?

Is “INTUITION” a complete crock of crap?

Yes, it is.

AND… No, it’s not.

But that’s not meant to confuse you.

It’s meant to illustrate a point about the nature of “SELF-AWARENESS”.

Should you ALWAYS “trust your gut”?

Should you ALWAYS “feel more, think less”?

Should you ALWAYS “listen to your inner voice”?

Those are some of the questions we examined on “Brian & Carrie – In the Morning” today.

And our answers are going to help you find freedom.

Freedom in life.

Freedom with money.

Freedom in your relationships.

Complete freedom.

Because sometimes, the concept of “INTUITION” is COMPLETE nonsense…

… And it hurts you WAY more than it helps.

Let us guide you into that freedom you want in life.

Brian & Carrie

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