Is imagination more powerful than logic?

Is imagination more powerful than logic?


Is imagination more powerful than logic?

We don’t want to assume that you think this is “hokey” or “silly”, but just in case you do, consider this –

What you dwell on most of the time is what becomes in your life.

If you worry about money, you’re likely broke.

If you stress not being able to lose weight, you’re likely fat.

If you fear not ever being good enough, you’re likely loney and living at half the potential you actually have.

You imagine all the time.

You just don’t realize you do.

This exercise is called “Rehearse Your Outcome” and with it, we teach you how to control your thoughts and channel them towards the things you WANT instead of the things you DON’T.

Still sound like child’s play?

Well, there are very real, very factual elements in your brain activity that have been shown scientifically to respond very dramatically to your thoughts.

That’s why athletes spend so much time in “mental rehearsal”.

So do brilliant actors and performers.

Imagination is happening in your head right now…

… We’re going to teach you how to make that work FOR you, not AGAINST you.

Our “Let’s Eliminate Your Limits – How to Finally Achieve the Goals You Set” is due out in early 2017…

… Are you ready to achieve the 2017 goals you’re setting?

Brian & Carrie

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