Ignorance & Love…

Ignorance & Love…


Ignorance & Love…

This is a photo of my computer desktop (Brian speaking…)

Because my wife is hot.

And her smile makes me feel.

And her eyes makes me happy.

And her pose me smile.

And her tattoos make me think.

And her skin make me quiver.

And her confidence makes me remember.

Remember how much her brain is her greatest asset.

How much holding her makes me emotional.

How much love she shares with the world.

How much compassion she has for people who hate.

How much our kids are mini-replicas of her brilliance.

How much fortune smiled on me the day we met.

And how much our insightful conversations every night are more seductive and sensual to me than any form of physicality.

Not long ago, someone sent me a private message and told me how disgusting it was that I objectified my wife.

Objectified her by posting photos just like this one.

But we don’t ever see the world as IT is…

… We see it as WE are.

Behind the athletic frame, stunning looks and deep sexuality is a woman who engulfs every sense I own.

A woman whose intelligence and wisdom dwarfs most people I know.

And whose caring, humble nature is palatable in every word she utters.

So see Carrie as you will.

And see my actions as you choose.

We couldn’t care less either way.

But nothing in this world is more dangerous than ignorance.

Brian & Carrie

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