How we thrive…

How we thrive…


How we thrive…

We go for a walk every single morning.

Whether we’re traveling for business or vacation, enjoying a nestled weekend at home with our kids, or on a normal working day.

Grounding our lives with a lazy morning stroll is a non-negotiable in our world.

You could call it a “strategy” if you wanted to.

Because it is in many ways.

For us, we refer to it as “direction review”.

We’re parents.

And so rather than allowing the up’s, down’s, in’s and out’s of our kids lives to become overwhelming or annoying afterthoughts for us, we peacefully discuss anything that needs our attention while we walk.

We’re entrepreneurs.

And so rather than allowing any sort of overthinking, self-doubting or procrastination to take hold against our ambitious goals, we calmly chat about what tasks are on store for the day and reflect upon our long-term game-plan.

We’re athletes.

And so rather than growing anxious about upcoming training sessions, competitions or potential scheduling conflicts, we collectively babble away about our recent triumphs and soon-to-be conquests.

We’re married.

And so rather than allowing life to sink it’s teeth into our joy and force us to re-find the romance that brought us together in the first place, we celebrate our individual strengths and united rapture by re-centering ourselves to the fundamental nature of us… Love.

20 minutes.

Reviewing the direction of every part of our life that we hold sacred.

Better than any system, scheme, tool or tactic you could ever purchase or investigate.

Go for a walk.

And communicate.

Brian & Carrie

P.S. – These are the kinds of real-world, ultra-practical and simple-to-implement systems we teach and help you add to your life through our “Eliminate Your Limits” Mentor program.

Entrepreneurs take our program.
Athletes take our program.
Corporate executives take our program.
Parents take our program.

Because it works.

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Brian & Carrie

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