How we eliminated OUR limits

How we eliminated OUR limits


How we eliminated OUR limits

January 28, 2016

Carrie owned a home in Montreal.

A city where French is the official language.

She had 2 kids from a previous marriage and a job that prevented her from moving.

I lived 17 hours away in Chicago.

Still had 10 months left to pay on my apartment.

Didn’t speak a word of French.

And had a bachelor’s life with a thriving business based in the U.S.

But on February 27th 2009, I packed a small bag of clothing, jumped in my car and drove.

Nothing that you really want in life will ever be convenient.

You will have doubts, fear and spend time second guessing your choice.

You won’t ever know how it will end, if it will work or when all the factors against you will either fall in your favor or blow up in your face.

But those are silly reasons to give up or give in.

You can’t spend your life worrying about an outcome that you won’t know until you get on the road to giving it a shot.

And you shouldn’t let “how” ever become more important than “why”.

I fell in love.

That was the only reason I needed.

Don’t sit still because your uncertainty scares you…

… Get moving and create the certainty you want.

In the end, fuck up’s are just lessons that help you grow.

But regret is final.


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