How to stop the 16-hour work week & enjoy more time with your family

How to stop the 16-hour work week & enjoy more time with your family


We attended a mastermind for high-achieving entrepreneurs some time ago. Mostly millionaires in the room.

And on the outside, everything looked… “shiny” for these people.

Huge launched.
Big revenue numbers.
Impressive achievements.

But then the conversation turned to their personal lives, and what they do for ‘fun’.

And it became one of the most revealing… and saddening topics we’d ever heard.

One entrepreneur said that what he did for fun was to spend 10 minutes with his wife every sunday.

That glimpse of connection with his wife was his ‘reward’ for the 6 and a half days of busting his ass in his business each week.

You can see why relationships, health and spirituality is kicked to the curb when you act in “hustle mode”.

We remember “the hustle”. Oh yeah.

We used to buy into the belief that working harder and longer was the key to success, wealth, happiness and freedom.

Yet no matter how long we worked, or how hard we worked, we didn’t get those promised rewards.

What we did get?

Burn out.

And worse of all, was the time away from the people we love.

The mind is a funny thing. It tells us that we should spend more time away from our family and loved ones… in order to build a business so we have more time with our family and loved ones.

It’s like the old tale about the Harvard MBA and the fisherman (we’ll share that one in the next email!).
If you know the tale, get our point.

Most entrepreneurs think they’re building a business.

When in fact, they’re building a JOB.

And they’re building it around themselves.

Essentially trapping them.

Because hustling harder never grows a business.

Only working smart and strategically does that.

We learned that, and now our business is flourishing.

We’ve grown a team of over 10 people.

We’re working fewer hours than ever before.

Things are growing, expanding, taking off.

Because we accepted a new belief system. We decided not to spend our best days hustling hard day and night away from our family.

But instead to build a business of value AROUND our family and our fun schedule.

But you won’t find us scheduling 10-minutes of time together as a our highlight of the week, any time soon.

So if you’re a business owner and this is kinda how you feel?

Let’s work together to get you unstuck.

Us, Brian & Carrie, are hosting an intimate and exclusive retreat for business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals this winter.

And, our chief operations officer Justin Devonshire is going to be there leading it with us.

So you’re going to get the very best download of business growth, automation and outsourcing skills… along with mindset, lifestyle design and finding true balance in your life from us.

It’s a combination not to be missed.

However, there are only 6 spots going.

We want to keep this week-long retreat as powerful and personal as possible for each attendee.

If you’d like to learn more and find out if you qualify for early-bird entry rates, hit REPLY and send us a message expressing your interest in the Business, Wealth & Freedom retreat this Winter in Mont Tremblant.



The fisherman and the Harvard MBA story coming up on Friday. Don’t miss!

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