How to stop overthinking

How to stop overthinking


How to stop overthinking

Success is a long-game.

It doesn’t matter what you’re trying to achieve, the greatest x-factor required for you to actually achieve it is TIME.

So COMMIT to the CONSISTENCY of doing the SMALL THINGS every single day.

Keep your vision on the goal of tomorrow, but your focus on the tasks of TODAY.

Too many people self-sabotage, derail their own efforts and STOP pursuing what they want simply because they overthink the entirety of the process.

START today strong and FINISH today hard.

Commit to that.

Every day.

When you do, the path reveals itself and the goal is guaranteed.

You don’t need hard-talking statuses to pump you up.

Motivational videos to get you amped.

Or someone else to light a fire underneath your ass.

You just need CONSISTENCY.

And a daily COMMITMENT to it.

Brian & Carrie

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