How to save money on clothes (seriously)

How to save money on clothes (seriously)


“How to Use a Minimalist Wardrobe to Look EPIC for ANY Situation”

Enjoy the video… It’s a game-changer (just click on the video box) –

No… This isn’t a delayed “April Fools Joke”!!!

But it is a comical look at a serious issue.

MILLIONS of people around the world have too much “stuff”.

And part of their “stuff” collection includes a wardrobe that is literally out of control.

We both have 33 pieces of clothing.

33 pieces in total.

Which – if you’re not certain – is EXTREMELY insignificant when compared to most people.

(most closets tip into a wardrobe that contains 100+ pieces!).

So we wanted to show you how you can look EPIC for ANY event, EVEN when your wardrobe is minimalistic.

Parent-Teacher Interview
Speaking at a Seminar

We covered our bases in this video to show you just how simple, comfortable and energetically freeing having fewer clothes can actually be.

(which really, speaks to a greater issue about how much money most people waste on things they don’t need).

Brian & Carrie

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