how to handle a REALLY bad day…

how to handle a REALLY bad day…


So, here’s what happened…

At 9:45 yesterday morning, our show was 100% ready to go.

“The 6-Ways to a Happy, Fulfilling & Love-Soaked Relationship”

Slides were set-up.

Cameras were in position.

And we were sitting in our studio seats ready to bust out a great episode.

(Literally, we were going LIVE in 4-minutes)

But then, we both had an idea.

The same idea.

And everything changed.

“What if we just abandon today’s episode and talk openly about what happened yesterday?”

Immediate agreement.

And just like that, the day’s video COMPLETELY changed.

The cameras clicked on, we went LIVE and simply talked.

About how bad a day we had experienced the day before.

Complete with sadness, over-reaction and a whole lot of tears.

Because keeping it real matters to us and when we experience something that EVERY SINGLE PERSON ON THE PLANET also experiences, we feel a duty to share it…

… AND share our strategy for how to make it better.

Have you ever had a bad day?

One of those days that just keeps rolling bad things?

As if the day was destined to be bad?

And maybe even turns into a bad week or month?

Well… Here’s how you change that.

How to handle a REALLY bad day in a few simple steps (this was one of our most watched episodes of all time) –

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