How to hack your brain for happiness

How to hack your brain for happiness


Here’s some really interesting stuff about your brain and how to “hack” it for increased success and happiness (video below).

Somewhere between 50% – 80% of the time, you are sitting in what’s called the “Default Mode” of your thoughts.

And do you know what that means?

It means that you’re dwelling on things to worry about most of the time.

Negative things.

For more than HALF of every single day.

The counter to this “Default Mode” is called the “Focused Mode”.

That’s what your brain naturally switches to when you’re really interested in something.

When you’re firing neurons that require you to pay closer attention to what you’re doing.

And believe it or not, THAT’S the state that increases happiness, creativity and ultimately, success.

How do you learn to “hack” your brain’s natural neural predisposition by keeping it in the “Focused Mode” more often?

It’s easy.


And will completely change everything about your happiness and success.

Watch this and see >>>

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