How to deal with negative people

How to deal with negative people


How to deal with negative people

Believe it or not, negative people don’t actually own you.

And although we say that as a bit of a joke, you know – and so do we – that sometimes it FEELS as though negative people own you!

Because when they show up in your life (or reappear) it’s almost as if you can’t STOP yourself from reacting.

Everything they say, you feel the need to say something back.

Everything they do, you feel the need to become upset about.

Yes, 9 times out of 10 (or more), it really is their fault.

They’re being hateful.



And just plain mean.

All you’re really trying to do is defend yourself, your actions or your words in a fair and reasonable way.

We get it completely.

But for us, learning how to STOP reacting to negative people has been one of the most liberating things we’ve ever done.

You have no idea how freeing and empowering it feels to TRULY NOT CARE if someone attacks you negatively for no reason.

We’re happier now.

More at peace.

Less afraid to PLAY BIG in life.

And without question…

… Feel a TON more confident.

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Brian & Carrie

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