How to deal with mean people

How to deal with mean people


How to deal with mean people

Want the truth about TOXIC PEOPLE and HATERS?

They say there comes a time in life that you must walk away from all the people who create drama in your world.

Surround yourself instead, with people who make you laugh, forget the bad and focus on the good.

Where you should only love the people who treat you well.

Those that show you respect, compassion and authenticity.

And we agree.


But, we’d be ignorant if we didn’t bring light to the fact that the ‘person’ in question may very well be the one you see in the mirror.

Sometimes, you create the drama.

But remain too self-righteous to see that it was ‘you’, not ‘them’.

Sometimes, we take it all too seriously.

And focus our energy on the wrong side of that ‘good/bad’ coin.

Sometimes, we treat ourselves worse than we’d ever allow or accept from anyone else.

In doing so, forever widening the gap of expectation we have over others without holding ourselves to the same standard.

We just wanted to take a moment to remind you of all that.

It’s wiser to explore a single fault of our own, than it is to critique 1,000 of someone else’s.

Truth is, sometimes we’re the REAL “toxic people” and “haters” in our own world.

Brian & Carrie

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