How to Change Your Mindset (forever)…

How to Change Your Mindset (forever)...


Laugh more often.

That’s the key.

And it’s the key more than you realize, more than you allow for and more than you may want to believe.

When we were sad, frustrated, disconnected, broke and angry, we made the concerted choice to learn to laugh more often.

Daily, in fact.

Intentionally and on purpose.

Wanna know something?

It worked.

Our lives started to change COMPLETELY the day we opted to STOP taking life so seriously.

That’s why every week on “Brian & Carrie – In the Morning”, we host a show called “F#CK*D UP FRIDAY”

It’s a day we tell jokes, answer silly questions and help people laugh.

And routinely, it’s our MOST VIEWED SHOW OF THE WEEK.

Because everyone should laugh more.

So on this beautiful Saturday, why not indulge in a little non-serious banter with a couple of people who have used laughter to change their Mindsets (and lives) forever?

How to Change Your Mindset (forever)…

Watch this week’s edition of “F#CK*D UP FRIDAY” right here >>>

Brian & Carrie

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